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What Is A Domain?

A domain name is, quite simply, the name of your website. The domain can be found in the URL and is used in order to locate the website of a specific person or organisation. Each domain name or URL directs users to a specific IP address. Domains are easier to remember than a long and complicated IP address, which takes the form of a series of numbers. A domain can be divided up into three different elements: a subdomain, a domain name, and a top level domain (TLD). When choosing a domain name, it is important to select something that properly reflects the ethos of your business in a concise and catchy way. A good domain should be memorable, brandable, and should have a suitable extension.

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We Can Help You Choose Your Domain

Choosing your domain can be difficult. Domains have to be unique so finding the one you want may not be too easy. We will help you choose the best option for your business as well as giving you a variety to choose from.

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